What is freedom?

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What is freedom?

 - Jong Bhak



Freedom in the information universe including the world is defined here. Covolution is the framework of the definition given here.

Covlution is the predicted computational expansion of the universe. Freedom in covolution is the degree of predictability of the future.

Freedom is measured precisely by the amount of computational power and the accuracy of the predictions produced by the computation.

The higher the freedom the more accurate prediction can be decided by information objects and vice versa. Freedom is the engine of 

optimizing future predictability. In societies, optimizing individual's efficiency is the economics of information processing and transfer.

Freedom can be more easily acquired with more energy, time, and computational power. Also, knowing the latent information architecture

correctly will lead to higher level of accuracy in predicting the future. Therefore, freedom is the fuction of cognition of the architecture and

computational power an object maintains.



Freedom is not an abstract social term. Freedom is the most imporant property of any information object in the universe. Defining freedom is 

difficult in conventional pre-Russell paradigms. Alan Turing's computational understanding of the universe created a tool to understand the meaning

of freedom in the most accurate way. Freedom in thinking process, i.e., computation, can only be relevant in time axis. 



The most accurate definition of freedom of a person, animal, bacterium, and a computational entity such as a machine is presented here. Freedom is the

degree of predictability. An accurate prediction of the future can provide a higher level of freedom as the information object has more options to decide

the future paths of his/her own life(information entity with predictability)





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