The history of thinking

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The history of thinking


0. The advancement of static and slow ticking information machine, i.e., ribome and genome.

1. Bacterial signal processing through genome, ribome, and proteome.

2. Multicellular storage of information through networkome.

3. The advancement of dynamic and faster signal processing machine, i.e., brain (neurome).

4. The condensation of serial mathematical organization into language.

5. The advancement of social network of organisms: organismome.

   5.1. Moving to convolution from evolution. Consciousness occurs in evolution on the evolution process.

6. The invention of tools to store and process information, i.e., machines and calculators (machineome)

7. Computers taking over certain part of brains and advance into certain other areas of thinking: Computome.

8. The advancement of information interface technology: genome, neurome, and computome as an organ: Science 2.

    8.1. advancement of biosequencers.

9. The formation of biobrain (global brain).

   9.1. Bioconsiousness.

10. The formation of instant and insight driven mathematical information processing (Insight Engine) replacing traditional science 1 and 2.

11. Information decoding of the past and future events: past, present, and the future merge.

12. Formation of galactic information processing network:



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