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Biologists need philosophy as the first thing in their career.

Biology is about understanding our selves. It is a practical philosophy. The best way to understand human beings is to use computers. 

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What is a human in biosophy?

Humans are not just a bunch of protein computers who are programmed to adapt to the environment blindly. They have conscious mechanism of computing and engineering to make decisions that they calculate to be more biological, mathematical, logical, scientific, and human. Being human is scientific and rational with higher level of perception on the architecture of the universe.  

Biosophy is a computable philosophy being developed on-line. Biosophy is a way of practicing and studying philosophy generated from scientific awareness of biological information objects. Biosophy will provide us a paradigm of understanding and constructing the universe with using information objects. One goal of biosophy is to construct the reality that is stable, coherent, and logical. 

Biosophy aims to be the foundation of The operation system of the universe.

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Biosophy's main parts are: 1) Everything is an information object 2) Biology is a way to map the interaction of all the information objects in the universe 3) Information, energy, and time are the main components of biosophy ideas and principles.

The purpose of life?

Evolution has a direction? 

The atom of evolution

Parafate | Metafate | Paradestiny | Metadestiny

About the existence of god

Life on Earth is the big universe and the outer universe is a miniature universe

Direction of biosophical time


What is Art?

Biosophy and Genome

Has a creator created the universe?

What is existence?

Are there aliens in the universe?


The Biological Information Rights Declaration


Biosophical questions

Biosophy Resource

The term biosophy | Exactism | Biosopher Biosophy references The importance of decoding genome


Biosophy History


Biosophy References

External Resource Journals related to Biosophy
Self-organization FAQ
Penn & Teller Bullshit


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