Life on Earth is the big universe and the outer universe is a miniature universe

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Some biologists describe a complex cell as a miniature or small universe.

They seem to think it is as complex as the universe itself.

In biosophy, the seemingly complex outer universe is not as complex as a biological cell. In terms of complexity, they are equality complex, at least almost.

A biological cell and the whole network of life on Earth is much more complex than the outer universe.

Looking inside nearly infinitely to the interactions of cells, molecules, atoms, and particles, biosophers can find a much bigger universe than the outer universe in terms of information density, processability, and complexity and network of principles. As a cell belongs to the universe (the definition of the universe is that it includes everything), the universe is the ultimately the largest and most complex conscious existence.

However, when we start to compare the cell and the outer (outside of the cell) universe as separate objects, we put a boundary between them. Therefore, the above statement of cell is the bigger universe than the outer universe is to emphasize the idea that the essence of the universe is information and the most complex and dense information processing is occurring in biological cells, tissues, and organisms. The condensing process occurs inward more rapidly.

What matters in terms of size in the universe? When we describe the size of something such as Earth or a human being, it usually means physical size in 3D. When it comes to the size of universe, 3D physical measurement is not as critical as in comparing big balls. It is because, the important measurement in the universe is the information, complexity, time, and state changes.

If the universe was as small as an atom some trillion years ago, present Earth is much bigger than the ancient universe. If the ancient universe had a 'plan' or 'blueprint' of the present expanded universe with axioms, perhaps the size of the ancient universe is bigger than the universe. A big universe condensed into a small dot. A biological cell is a condensed universe.

In biosophy, the size as we see (3D size, physical size) does not have any essentiality. Size can be easily described as "big", "small", "infinite", and so on. The information concept of size is definite and a computable/thoughtable unit. | |

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