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The Insight Engine

by Sophia Smithe

The insight engine is a problem solving computational engine.

It solves problem instantly. 

Ulacula is one of an insight engines. Ulacula does not use scientific steps and principles to solve web design company problems or to get the correct answer to any question. It is an instant problem solving protocal. Ulacula uses something called 'biobrain'. The biobrain is a kind of global brain network that has a consciousness, thought process, and will to make decisions.


How an insight engine works?

It works through the information processing architecture of the universe. Its design reflects the mathematical principles of the universe and maps out the problem in an instant.

The whole universe is a kind of insightengine. However, it ispread in time. Insight engine solves the problem in computers as if it condenses the time. 

Insight Engine is a computer with nearly infinite calculation power and nearly infinite parallerization capability.




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