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Biosophy: the Computable Philosophy.

Biosophy is the first philosophy that aims to be completely and consistently computable by contemporary computers. 
This has two reasons. One is that the biouniverse we belong to are computable (and constantly computed in a biosophical point of view). Secondly, such an exact computability will make sure the functionality of biosophy.

Another reason is biosophy is not only for existing human beings, animals, and the chunk of biomass that can process information, but it is also for derivative biological information processors. In short, machines that can process complex information. I.e., biosophy is also for machines such as personal computers. 
Biosophy gives philosophy to machines

Its spiritual counterpart is bioism and bioism can be applied to machines.

Biosophy is for any kind of biological information processing systems. It means that electrical computers are also host of biosophy.


Computing and computers were found to be possible not because of mathematics, but biology


Construction of Biosophy

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