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The Biosophy Manifesto

by Sophia Smithe

◎ Biosophy is an axiomatic system of philosophy for constructing a Practical modeling system(s) of the universe.

It uses scientific, computational, and biological principles with an assumption that the universe can be computed and explained by analyzing the network of Biological information processing objects. The universe biosophers see can be called biouniverse that models the universe as the largest biological information object (BiO). One of the Biosophy's goals is to construct an information architecture of the universe in computers.

◎ The outcome of biosophy

Unlike other philosophy, the final outcome of biosophy is a complicated but computable algorithms and programs (operating system included).

Biosophers are programmers who build operation systems.

◎ Intricate scientific insight and knowledge are key components of biosophy

Biological information objects can be defined in many different layers of information networks. A biological cell is an example of it. Therefore, biosophy deals with the philosophical problems of living cells as its major territory. Intricate scientific insight and knowledge on how cells exist are the first task and component of biosophy. Above that biolayer, other biosophical problems such as ecological, societal, and cultural research territories. Biosophers are biologists.


◎ Biosophy extends biology to philosophy domains

The difference between biology and biosophy is that biosophy extends biological domains into philosophical realm by introducing information network and principles. Subsequently, the goal is not only to understand biological problems, but to construct a philosophical world utilizing biological and informatics principles. The philosophical world is asked to be computable and virtually existing in computing devices. Human brains are good computing devices, however, they are difficult to be reduced to easily reconstructable components. Therefore, mechanical devices such as silicon based machines are used to build components and their networks (including human networks through, for example, the Internet).


◎ Biosophy can have direction and is value associated.

In biology, the evolution does not have any direction nor any progression by default. Biosophy on the other hand values the directed decision by considering the whole universe as a philosophically computable object with hidden architecture and possiblity of meaning associated with. In biosophy, condensed highly efficient information processing rules can provide us with the meaning and nature/architecture of the universe we are in. Therefore, while biology would not link itself to nearly Superstitious philosophies of Yin and Yang or Iching, Nietzsche, Existentialism, etc., biosophy can try to understand the neuronal perception architecture of the ancient ideas and classical phisophies.


◎ Biosophy builds information architecture by inwardly looking at information objects

Biosophy's main task can be briefly described as understanding the information architecture of the universe. The informatin architecture is remarkably well condensed in biological entities such as a genome, a cell, an organism, and a species. Therefore, biosophy is an inward looking philosophy while classical philosophies often were looking at outside universes (such as stars and societies). Consequently, the largest universe in biosophy is, paradoxically, not the outer universe of galaxies and stars, but tiny biological cells that are composed of the interactions of ions, atoms, molecules and molecular complexes.


◎ Biosophy universe has inverted time and space

In biosophy, the universe is inverted by time and space. The largest space is captured in the smallest information object with the most elegant information architecture. In one biosophical point of view, the universe is not being expanded but is being imploded infinitely. An analogy is a fractal structure is infinitely imploding. Here, the imploding object is information. Another simplistic analogy is our sun has been nuturing the Earth and it has been growing exponentially not in size but in its information network complexity. It is like micro chips is becoming gradually more complicated within the same die size. * Time for us is perceived as positive (+, increasing second by second), however, biosophy does not assume any direction. (a scenario: there was a completely computable universe that went on positive time and exploded in a very thin and not so tight computing state. Our universe is going back (-) in the negative direction to reach back to the original ultimately dense computable completeness). Time in biosophy is a tool, a concept, a model, and an artefact. The thing useful is state change that is noted as time.

◎ Biosophy is a practical Computable philosophy
Biosophy is a practical and computable philsophy. Its parts are computable conceptual modules. The modules are either actions(methods) or objects. The main objects are biological information objects. The main actions are biological energy processors (processing/converting energy) and their methodologies.

◎ Biosophy builds ontology that can be shared among computers.
To compute conceptual modules, biosophy defines biological information objects in a hierarchical system of ontology. These modules must be compatible, computable, and exchangeable.

◎ Biosophy is based on logicism
Biosophy is based on biologicism that is based on logicism.

◎ Biosophy proposes Bioreligion
Bioreligion is an oximoron. It is an anti-regligion. It provides scientific people a Spiritual community. Bioreligion establishes 'biohouse' where people gather to present, discuss, and enjoy biological principles and discoveries. A biohouse is effectively a general term for bioscience meeting place.

◎ Biosophy is recursively biosophical

As we are complex biological information processing objects, we are actually the main workers or players in the biosophy. At the same time, we are the most interesting research objects in biosophy. Inevitably, biosophy recursively analyzes biosophical objects. The workings, knowledge and outcomes of biosophy constitute parts of the biosophy. Therefore, biosophy is constantly changing on what it is and how it views the universe. The change itself is part of biosophy. In other words, we are living in a world where there is a continous state change and the philosophy that models the universe is continuously changing its state. However, the dynamics is not necessarily unpredictable. It could be mapped precisely with a relatively small numberof principles.


◎ Biosophers look for precise information architecture rules

What biosophers are looking for are such precise rules. Those rules by definition must be computable by computers in biosophy. This is because, in biosophy, all the information objects must be existable to exist. The existability is determined by any object's compatibility to the natural rules/laws. Biosophers think all those natural laws are informatically computable and modellable.

In Biosophy, "We compute, therefore we exist".


◎ Biosophy requires science and beyond.

Being biosophical means all the information processing in any level of biolayer must be explainable. Therefore, biosophers must become scientist or someone who can use scienfitic methodologies. Science is one important accepted biosophical methodology. However, it is not necessarily the only methodology. A new methodology that is superior to science will/can occur in the future. In biosophy, such new methodologies are collectively called Ulacula. When Ulacula is developed or achieved by biological information object network such as humans, biosophical insights can be mapped to the universe without stepwise procedures but as a sudden aggregation of principles and corresponding programs within the information architecture. It will be similar to recognizing and reconstructing a complex 3D puzzle instantly without going through numerous stepwise fitting attempts.


◎ Biosophy will be able to reconstruct any time and any state of the universe

When biosophy advances far and acquires Ulacula (an insight engine), the whole information processing architecture of the universe will have been mapped. It means, humans can create any information objects whether they are biological or silicon based applying knowledge of the information architecture of the universe. Every phenomenon in every state and time can be calculated instantly. By this time, humans will be able to construct past, present and future. For example, reconstructing a dinosauer will be possible. Biosophers will be able to reconstruct what really happened to the original ancestors of humanoid. An analogy is that an extremely crude and imprecise simulation of Pearl habour attack by Japanese can be done as a visual information object constructed by humans, computer graphics and some simple information processing rules of the universe.


◎ Biosophy will have solved the physical world problems.

Although the particles dealt with in quantum mechanics can be radically different from celestial bodies, the underlying biosophical rules share the same information architecture. Regardless of the size, the behaviours and principles of any particles in the universe can be understood by biosophy. In other words, in the future, the great union of micro and macro physics can be done through information architecure analysis.


◎ Biosophy is personal. It is a practical, easy and direction-giving way of thinking for laymen.

What biosophy brings to laymen is a guide on what himself/herself is in his/her universe. A philosophical system that is not just abstract, metaphysical, literature based, sophistical and difficult, but practical, scientific and easy. The most serious advantage over science is that it gives a value related decision sources that are superior to religions, customs, habits, and superstitions. For example, when it comes to the issue of abortion, religion or social ethics may give a simplistic, contradictory and confusing guidelines to a woman. Biosophy on the other hand can give her first principles on biological identity, efficiency, and freedom in such a situation whatever decision she will have made. Biosophy is a personal philosophy (as in Personal Computer). In practice, biosophy can help your shopping in a grocery store by calculating calory, energy, interest, fun, budget, ecology, economy, and social values as it is computatble and effciency oriented. The personal efficiency is pure time and cost efficiency, but biological information processing efficiency.


◎ Biology and bioinformatics education must be universal

To achieve a biosophical society, societies should provide as much information as possible about biology to children. The children need to understand their exisitences as biological information processing beings. They need to be trained as information masters and any discipline of science, arts and literature should have bioinformatics as an essential subject.


◎ Bosophy is a beacon of the era of biological/computational world.

Biosophy is not a simple discipline. It symbolizes the coming era of the world where biological/computational science and technology will pervade in all aspects of information objects on Earth.


◎ Bosophy, if written, is a set of statements as in a computer language.

If biosophy is written on a book, it will be a set of statements. These statements include definitions, axioms, equations, logical statements, and words. The set as a system runs on a computer.


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