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The history of Biosophy

by Sophia Smithe

Biosophy in this site is yet another neologism by some biological minds

However, as the name indicates, it is not entirely different from other people's use and perception of biosophy in its mental and historical background. Jong and his friends' neologism is more toward information objects, networks, complex systems, and a very large scale of information organism called BioBrain in the BioUniverse.

Biosophy is a computable philosophy and computational philosophy
Perhaps the most outstanding feature of biosophy is that it is computable and of logisticism.

Pythagoras and biosophy
I read an internet page where Pythagoras was the first person in the west who developed the concept of bios + sophy. He is regarded as the very first person who used the term 'philosophy'. Biosophy in that regard is not so much different from philosophy. However, biosophy is firmly centered around biological understanding of us. It does not proposes concepts such as god. God is just a biological and neuronal information unit for interpreting the natural and human environment.

Biosophy in the East
Philosophically, East Asians, especially Koreans had some philosophical foundation that is based on humanity. The ultimate value was enhancing humanity that is also interpreted as enhancing life.
* The founding philosophy of Korea is said to be "Hong Ik In Gan" which means a man who benefits the whole human kind.

Yin and Yang are the two extremes of the universe and there is the third extreme. That is human (life). Yin (Earth) and Yang (Heaven) interacts and changes the universe dynamically. In between, there is middle extreme that is the life(bio) part. Subconsciously but insightfully, the whole life is the results of interaction among objects that can function as switches. The ultimate components of any switch, in a clear manner, is plus and minus (yin and yang). When two interacts, it can generate a signal, the start of generating information and subsequently life. Between the two largest yin and yang, there is life.
Yin and Yang does not have to be a provable concept as it can as well be a convenient concept.

  • Note: Jong does not advocate such Yin/Yang theory at all. He uses it to remind people that humans are perceiving the philosophical world similarly as there is an architecture in the world. Jong assumes that the architecture is informational by nature. Hence, biosophy is an informational philosophy while bio- inherently means information processing.

Energy maximization and information condensation
In the above regard, enhancing(contributing) to humanity(life) is enhancing information processing. Information processing has an objective function. That is energy maximization. Using energy to the maximum efficiency is the direction we are going. Biologists tend to think that there is no direction in evolution. Jong thinks there is a one (a meta direction) and it is the direction toward efficient information processing or information condensation. It is like flowing water to the maximumally costeffective funnels under gravity when poured onto a terrain. The evolution through genetic materials is a directionless component of something much more organized and precise. It is termed as covolution that does infestruction in biogrid in the biouniverse.

Infestructing biouniverse
Based on biological information objects, the biouniverse is constantly condensing information as time ticks on. This is the story of human beings living, thinking, and building information machinery such as the Internet, Biobrain, and Awa.

The development of biobrain
The concept of biobrain is not new. A major difference from the previous global brain and informationally linked gigantic brain network is that the biobrain is something inevitable that is the essence of the universe. The whole universe is striving to build the biouniverse using energy.

Biosophy term history

The following are from older notes by Jong Bhak and Joseph Insana (in around 1999~).

The transition of life forms.
The transition of the generation took place over at least for 5,000 years.
We define the biosophical transition from the materialistic and classical philosophy as the apogee of life evolution on Earth. It is another big stage in the development of existence in the whole universe.


BiO Generastions of life
The development of life which is tightly associated with the development of the universe as a reflection of it, has distinct stages as biologists often find in the evolution of organic beings on earth.
           Some are very conspicuous while some others are more gradual and hidden. Unlike scientific detection of a biological transition from one complex state to a more complex system stage, the neuronal or philosophical recognition of such stages are less clear. 
The largest scale level transition is the one defined by biosophy as 'the generation' of life.

"Biosophy" on the net.

The biosophy related pages on this server was one of the first web pages (if not the first) searchable at around 1995. As I remember, for some years, there was no hit other than this server site with the word "Biosophy". At that time, there was no search engine like Google, but people used webcrawler, yahoo, lycos, etc. The biosophy web server was on a computer called "sonja" in Gonville and Caius college's student house room located at Harvey road, Cambridge. Since then, the site has been moved several times. Once in USA (Boston, Harvard Medical School's Genetics dept. George Church lab). Next to EBI, Cambridge and MRC-DUNN, Cambridge. Until 2006, it was located in KOBIC, Korea. Presently (2007~), it is located in BiO centre, Daejeon, Korea.

Who is a Biosopher

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