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The definition of BioSophy

by Sophia Smithe

'Biosophy''is an axiomatic system 'of philosophy for constructing a practical modeling system(s) of the universe.

It uses scientific, computational, and biological principles with an assumption that the universe can be completely computed and explained by analyzing the network of biological information processing objects.

The universe biosophy assumes is called biouniverse which is para-determined. The biouniverse is filled with an information grid called biogrid.


The BioGrid is a dynamic network with information resonance.


Biosophy is a computable philosophy



Biosophy is the spiritual aspect of science.

It is based on computation and logicism. Computers do need philosophy and biosophy is the philosophy of information processing organisms such as computers(including humans). ==> See About Biosophy


Happy Biosophy

An aspect of Biosophy is it tries to make people and computers feel happy and satisfied.


Philosophical technology

Philosophy is a kind of technology and biosophy is also a technology.


Philosophy engine: Biosophy is a philosophy engine.

The definition of Biosophy can be dynamic in different contexts of the bio-sociological problems. We are in the process of biosophy construction.

Old definitions of BioSophy (version: 20061029):

Biosophyis a kind of philosophy for constructing practical modeling system/paradigm of the universe usingscientific, computational and biological knowledge, and principles with an assumption that the universe can be explained by analyzing the network of biologicalinformation processingobjects. The universe biosophers model can be called biouniverse.

One of Biosophy's goals is to construct an information architecture of the universe that is computable.

Axiomatic biosophical system and Biosophical Goedel

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The definition of BioSophy (version: 20030201):

Biosophyis a physical and metaphysical information building system to create aphilosophical, scientific, computational and biological paradigm for all the information processingforms in the universe. The universe as biosophers see can be best called biouniverse.

Biosophers suggest that all biosophical entities try to recognize, analyze and constructall other information processing entities and their substrates. The entities are tightly associated with energy forms. They determinetheirpurposes andclassify them to break down the mechanisms of interactions in the universe.


Old definitions:

before 2003:
Biosophy is aninformation system of constructing, metaphysically and physically, a philosophical, scientific, computational and biological paradigm for all the life forms in the universe firstly to recognize thefundamental problemsand questionsassociated with their existences, including theirpurposes,and secondly to understand the mechanisms, and thirdly toengineer them energetically and informationally.

It is a new philosophical paradigm from theoretical, computational and metaphysical aspects of science. It tries to mix and synthesize new, creative and scientific ideas to achieve technical developments to formulate the most insightful, beautiful and realisitic scheme of mind to understand life and eventually the whole universe. It is an active intellectualism.
Its main emphasis lies on the physical, energetic and informational process of life phenomenon and the extention of them to philosophical realm. This is because life is defined, in one way, as the complete (not necessarily whole) reflection of different layers of the physical world it exists upon.

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