Biosophy construction

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Biosophy construction

- Sophia Smithe

Philosophy engine is used.

Biological processes (and mental processes) are mechanical (including electric). It does not mean it should include bolts and nuts and wheels. It means it can be constructed by information processing objects (physical and tangible).

Any machine (includng commonly known biological being) can compute (think).

The abstract mind is computable.


Biosophy construction procedure

Biosophy has been constructed for billions of years on Earth. The easiest way for describing has been evolution. Evolution and later covolution can depict the biosophical engine we (we include our ancestors; bacteria) have been building for billions of years.


Biosophy construction : covolution era.

Due to computers and neuromes, we can construct biosophy in a very short time, not billions of years.


The task of Biosophy

The task of biosophy is to construct logic that makes computers compute.


Genomic Philosophy for human beings.

Genomic philosophy (Genophilosophy) is philosophy should be constructed based on genomes for human beings. Genomic philosophy does not necessarily confines human behavior and thoughts to genome construction. Genomes however are computational system that is the result of billions of years evolutionary decision making and reflection of nature for 'being' on Earth. Such environmental factors are processed by both genomes and neuromes. Genophilosophy suggests that human philosophy can not deviate from already given genome construct.


Neuromic Philosophy for human beings.

Brain is the physical machine of philosophy in the easiest description. Human philosophy could not leave the skulls of humans for long time. Although recent advancement of books, printing, computing, internet, genomics, and bioinformatics, the distinct boundary/layer of neurome affects human philosophy. Biosophy contains neurophilosophy as a part.