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Biosophers depart from classical philosohers. 

They accommodate methodological tools such as logic pgoramming, computers, and biological and psychological analysis of brain as well as the passion to understand the self and the universe.

Biosophers are technically scientists and engineers with philosophical and artistic imagination and Synthetivity.

Classical philosophy was disrespected and abandoned by many of its own philosophers in the 19th and 20th centuries.

They sensed the vacancy and uselessness in tackling problems they wanted to solve. The vacancy resulted in social and cultural confusion and a loss of direction among common people. 

While advanced philosophers such as Russell in terms of reducing the problems to logical  parts and programmable functions, most average human beings would not understand why being evolution is important and agnosticism should be default requirement of nations.

Biosophy try to fill this gap and provides answers to the questioners not giving them custome made or dogmatic answers but giving them the possibility for finding the the answers in biological perspectives, so that they could understand themselves biologically, philosophically(biosophically) and scientifically. Biosophy is trying to be practical, easy, and openfree. Biosophers are fundamentallly [[freedom of thought}freethinkers].  

Apart from logical and mathematical application in solving problems, biosophy tries to provide insights or imagination that can be dangerously misleading to common people on how life forms formed and what kind of existence we are in the universe. Although dangerous, we think it is worth trying. Biosophers are historians of the life on Earth.
Biosophers rather arbitrarily sets the funeral date of the classical philosophy when the first generation life forms started to transcend to the next generation through biological science and engineering. This is the moment where life forms on earth, collectively, achieved to become unconsciousness conscious, self-evolving, self-engineering and finding the relationship between the universe and themselves in the biological facts and principles. 

Biosophers want to be precise.
Biosophers strive to eliminate what we see as meaningless and incoherent assertions in biology and philosophy, and we seek clarity and precision in argument by the use of exact formal language and by breaking down scientific and philosophical propositions into their simplest bio-grammatical components. 
We see formal logic and science as the principal tools of the biophilosopher. Unlike most philosophers who preceded us, we believe that the main task of the biophilosopher is to illuminate the most general propositions about life and to eliminate confusion. In particular, we want to end what we see as the excesses of assumptions and empirical conjectures. 
Briefly put, biosophers are "philosophical and scientific engineers of energy and information".  In present reality, in other words, they are computer programmers.
  In this context, biosophers are computer programmers of life in everday life. They hack the codes of life to find principles. "I compute, therefore I exist"

The task of biosophers is to code and debug biosophy.

What biosophers do everyday is debugging the codes of the universe. (Debugging the universe)


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