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Biosophers depart from classical philosohers and discard their basic materials and knowledge of thinking while they accommodate their methodological products such as logical thinking, debates, ways of thinkning, analysing minds and importantly the passion to understand the self and the universe.

Biosophers are technically scientists and engineers with philosophical and artistic imagination and creativity.

Classical philosophy was disrespected and abandoned by many of its own philosophers in the 19th and 20th centuries. They sensed the vacancy and uselessness in tackling problems they wanted to solve. The vacancy resulted in social and cultural confusion and a loss of direction all over the world. Biosophy fills this gap and provides an answer to the questioners not giving them answers but giving them the possibility for them, so that they could understand themselves biologically, philosophically(biosophically) and scientifically. 

Biosophers rather arbitrarily sets the funeral date of the classical philosophy when the first generation life forms started to transcend to the next generation through biological science and engineering. This is the moment where life forms on earth, collectively, achieved to become unconsciousness conscious, self-evolving, self-engineering and finding the relationship between the universe and themselves in the biological facts and principles.
Briefly put, biosophers are "philosophical and scientific engineers of energy and information". 



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