The generations of life as information processing interaction networks

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 Collison Network stage
Life on Earth is going through the computable grid of the information universe. The grid is called 'biogrid'. There have been distinct stages of life. There was a stage where random but physically determined atomic and molecular interaction(or collison) network that formed the very early materials of life. This was pre- evolution stage of life.

Selection Network stage
Once the first structure of life was formed by the formation of primitive cell structure, evolution process became possible. Natural selection could work on those cellular forms. This evolving information processing organisms reached the next level by forming multi-cellular organisms with flexible and adjustable information processing networks called 'brains'.

Consciously Computable Network stage
When the soft genomes start to manipulate the evolving process by accelerating the evolution with conscious computated plan, covolution became possible.

Homo sapiens is the first organism that reached the covolution stage. Covolving organisms engineer both hard and soft genomes. 
Covolution uses mathematical (scientific) reasoning and instead of natural selection to maximize the information processing to utilize the energy. This is era of realizing the logicism.

Instantly Weaving Universe stage 
The next stage is where procedural scientific reasoning is instantly carried out by self-engineering information machinery called 'biobrain'. When the biobrain is formed by billions of soft genomes (human brains, super computers, infinite amount of memories, etc), the information processing and energy optimization is done insightfully and instantly. An analogy is that a child becomes a philosopher such as Bertrand Russell in 0.0001 seconds through the instant information network formation. This biobrain is infinitely layered with constant interaction edge renewals.
The biobrain stage uses 'ulacula' process. The whole process that the biobrain will go through every second is called 'weavolution' (織和). The universe is instantly mapped and woven computationally and all the future movement of human beings can be easily woven by informationally by the biobrain. Information processing is instantly realized in real world through robots called 'biorobots'. This stage is where the whole universe is endowed with a brain. At last the universe becomes to have brain. The whole universe is becoming one organism of information processing objects. All the parts of the universe is consciously linked and interacted. This organic universe is called 'biouniverse'. 

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