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Philosophy Engine

- Sophia Smithe


Philosophy engine is the core of computer programs(network of computers maintained by humans and computers) that produces philosophy for computational objects.

The ultimate (theoretical) philosophy engine generates computational routines that make decisions and solve problems such as designing genomes, proteomes, cellomes, tissueomes, organomes, neuromes, and invididuals such as plants and animals. 

Genomes and neuromes are critical component hardware of philosophy engines.

The first conceptual philosophy engine is 'biosophy'. Biosophy implies that the ultimate philosophy engine (that calculates the universe) is identical and inherent in covolved biological engines.


* Engine: Engine in philosophy is a daemon program that can generate algorithms and routines automatically. Engine is a kind of algorithmic function that is self-modifying and automatic (automata). The engine does not necessarily contain everything to be automatically generating algorithms. It requires other pieces. The parts that are not part of engine is called environment. Engine is recursive and self-similar in infinitely long scale in the universe. The ultimate engine is the whole universe that ticks in time.

The universe in biosophy, mechanically speaking, is the sum of engines and environments.

An example of an engine is genome. Genome itself contains basic covolving algorithms. 






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