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Creator (as someone who created intellectual property. This is not a religious talk)

According to the biooriginality protocol, we do not assume a single creator as god.

Any one single 'thing' or 'being' cannot create the whole while a single thing may initiate some state changes.

Only the whole can "create" (here, it means synthesize), if we have to use this term for any strange reason.

The concept of god can exist in the universe, but god (the concept) cannot create the physical universe. 

(this is not a religious issue here :-)

Biolicense and Creator

Therefore, the concept of founding father, inventor, originator, and what not, in our society (and hence resulting in Nobel prizes) are not useful for biolicense.

BioLicense allows the whole network to play an import role in our project initiative and maintenance. It is not just one person's visionary project.

It is our past, present, and future members' project.



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