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Biouniverse is the universe biological information objects.

The biology wrold will be reshaped by Omics paradigm to produce a big network of computers and brains called biobrain. Biobrain can replace religions, too. The gigantic neural and computational network will replace the need of god producing more caring, sympathetic and fairer society in the future. The society is best called biosociety with a philosophy called biosophy. Through biosophy and biomics, the universe will be globalized by many different types of information processing organims sprang up all over the universe in the future.

One day, humans will realize that human bioinformation objectss were just a small physical part of the biological universe but in fact carrying the universal information processing principles: the very essence of the universe, even more powerful and beautiful than the concept of gods they have idealized so long.

All welcome to join the holistically networked world of biouniverse.

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