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The BioDot

Biodot is the ultimately small but ultimately dense information processing object.

The universe itself is a biodot. If we can condense the present universe into an infinitely small dot. The information processing will be done instantly (no time taken) and perfectly. This state is the ultimate state of the universe.

Present universe might have been a much smaller biodot in the past. It does not matter whether it was the case or not. As relatively speaking, present universe is extremely tiny for some galatic giants. However, the information condensation is occurring now on Earth and in other galaxies. There are civilizations the same as humans all over the universe. It is imperative that there are other alien civilization (we do not even have to look for them). The universe is a matrix with these pockets of civilizations nearly evenly spread and condensing information networks.  


The end of information condensation.

In the middle of billions of years of condensation process, biological information objects all across the universe will find the way to communicate (just a normal process) to each other and eventually linking all the pockets into a network. They will devise ways to control stars, galaxies and what not. Also they will control every kind of particle interactions such as fusion. The whole universe will become a condensed network of computer at some point (physically, not only informatically).


Biouniverse, BioOS, and Biosophy.

All kinds of particles micro or macro will be parts of information processing sub-parts. All the energy and matter in the universe will be mapped, controlled, pipelined to process information to the ultimate efficiency. The operating system of this biouniverse is biosophy.


Sophia Smithe



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