What is a human in biosophy?

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What is a human in biosophy?

by Sophia Smithe


Biosophy dictates that the universe is a gigantic computable box.

Any information processing forms such as BiO (Biological information Objects) are in the precise information flow system.

Human beings are complex information machines of atoms and molecules. They are mostly composed of proteins.

However, humans are not just a bunch of protein computers who are programmed to adapt to the environment blindly.

They have conscious mechanism of computing and engineering to make decisions that they calculate to be more biological, mathematical, logical, scientific, and human.

Being conscious (perceiving and feeling the axioms and principles of the universal grid) makes humans meaningful.

Being human is scientific and rational with higher level of perception on the architecture of the universe.



From switch to humans.

Every switching of a switch in the universe has meaning.

What is meaning in biosophy?




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