What is Art?

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Arts are the insightful calculation of information.

It is also a highly condensed form of information and knowledge storage object.

Insightful means with out going through well established protocal, but through a chunk of information object interaction network such as a brain circuit.

Although the circuit can be as hardly established as a radio circuit, the product, art form, does not have a design protocol.

Also, the processing for art is done in parallel usually. If logic goes through exact programming ramification, art goes through random and complicated feedback control system. Also, it is affected by the strength of the energy. If the input is stronger, the output can have a very different output (unlike a very well controlled computer CPUs). Imagine a CPU that produces 1 in certain input strengh of 3 volt while it usually produces 0 with 3.5 volt.  Art form of calculation is an open system.

In other words, it is affected constantly by environment.

Biological circuits are in that regards somewhat artistic.

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