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 Covolution process involves planning, design, insight, experiment, and repeat of the all the previous processes.

Evolution exmaple
A beaver's dam construction is the result of evolution. It is the natural selection that made it possible in the last millions of years.

Covolution example: the great canal of China.
The canal was planned by multiple organisms with conscious computation. It would take trillions of years for a species to become a great canal builder with a simple evolution process if it happens to have a energy minimum niche in building such a canal. More likely is that the evolution process will never be able to create a species to create such a long canal. 

Covolution example: a gigantic concrete dam
Human dam construction is a covolution product that was planned. It would perhaps take billions of years for a species evolve to become a concrete dam building. More importantly, evolution process will never be able to create a species that gets benefit from building a huge concrete building although the pre-calculated benefit of it justifies the construction cost. This is fundamentally limited in evolution perspective by the size of atoms and molecules. Also, the energy utilization barrier exists to produce a species that can create so much efficiency.

Evolution vs covolution

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