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Covolving information architecuture.

Covolving is an alternative term of evolving. Evolution, when described as a mechanical process, is suitable to describe the changes of biological information entities. 
However, it is not a correct term for describing the changes of individuals, populations and species in a broader perspective of the existence of information and information architecture. 
Biological information objects uses evolutionary process as a component to covolve. 
Covolve means something is consciously and constructively change with a condensation follow-up. In other words, the architecture of information processing of the universe is infinitely being condensed with consciousness and keep exploring and constructing up knowledge.

The process of covolving is called "covolution". Covolution is the main process of infestructure. Covolution means the change and propagation of information objects with predefined rules, consciousness and construction process.
Infestruction is how the universe changes in time. 

BiOs are all some kind of infestructure that is covolving with clear and precise direction and purpose.

The difference between evolution and covolution
Covolution has a direction. Evolution does not have a direction.
Covolution has an invisible architecture of development. Evolution does not assume any architecture in the development.
Covolution has neuronal planning and prediction components in the subjects' decision making. Evolution does not have any planning and prediction in decision making.
Evolution is mostly at molecular level. Covolution is at multi-cellular and above levels.

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