Constitution management

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Constitution management 

- Jong Bhak


Constitution management is a management method and principle developed by Jong Bhak.

The philosophy of consitution mangement is that the most efficient government, corporate, organizations, and community 

can be achieved by clearly understanding the constitutioin of each nation and the global community (all other constitutions).


Most nations use nomocracy and nomocracy is the principle. Therefore all economical and managment environments

are derived from constitution in most countries although the execution(nomocracy degree) is variant among different

countries. Companies adhering to the constitutions and constitutional goals well have the highest chance of survival

and sustain themselves longer transpassing generations.


The first company officially launched by constitutional management is TBI (Theragen BiO Institute, a commercial entity).

The first public organization established based on that is KOBIC.

The first public lab established by the principle is MRC-DUNN bioinformatics lab (2001-2003, Cambridge).


The constitutional management approach is simply the extension of nomocracy to the society's higest possible level

and to perform commercial activity.


See also Nomcratic management system   Nomomics






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