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Biologicism Definition

by Sophia Smithe

Biologicism is an ism that is derived from logicism. Logicism is an ism that proposes that everything in the universe is logically explained or even calculated.

Biologicism proposes that all the objects in the universe are biological and logical/computable. The biological objects are classified by one criterion: how much information processing they can perform. The most important aspect of any object in the universe is information processing. All the objects are under strict logical/computable rules and progress (tick in time space) in a biological grid system called biouniverse.

Under biologicism, the most important thing in science is to find fundamental rules of information processing and construct (model) the whole universe using such rules. The final outcome of biologicism is a gigantic information processing entity that can 'see' the past and future. At that stage, time flow in the universe is not so critical as any state and era can be simulated.

Biologicism extends many classical philosophers such as Bertrant Russell.

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